Paint Party

Get those white T-Shirts ready as our Paint Party returns. Parents, stock up on that Vanish, as staying clean will not be an option, on the final night of AJ23.

Onsite Adventure Day

The craziness will commence with all 1500 participants and 200 members of staff remaining on site, to create memories, climb that infamous climbing wall and test their survival skills.

Camp Fire

You can’t have AJ23 without a huge campfire. Get those voices, dance moves and blankets ready, as we will make sure those from miles around can hear us sing. 

Subcamp Day

One of the highlights of AJ23 will be Subcamp Day.We will kick off the day with a bold opening ceremony, followed by subcamp challenges all over Auchengillan Scout Camp.Once we have celebrated all 114 years of scouting, we will end with a vibrant Subcamp Colour Party. 

The Big AJ Gameshow

We will be getting quizzical and picking your brains, before the best DJs around commence a fierce battle. Tell us more, we here you say, well … in order to listen to our DJs, you will need to tune into the right station on our silent disco headphones.

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